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RoboMind Academy trains Computational Thinking: an essential 21st century skill.

By programming a virtual robot, the student is introduced to logic, automation and technology.

Logical thinking is directly connected to solving real world challenges.

Fully integrated courses

Interactive learning experience, including presentations, challenges and hints, with clearly defined teaching goals.

Simple to use, empowers teachers

Our educator-friendly platform includes everything you need to get your class up and running in minutes. No need for prior knowledge in the field. No need for extra courses or books.

Get a teacher account

Teachers can register by sending a request to using their Robomind Academy account email. The request must contain sufficient details so we can verify the request, such as the teachers name on the schools website.

Effective and motivating
RoboMind has proven to be an effective and motivating introduction to Computer Science in international studies.
Trusted by hundreds of schools
Robo speaks 27 languages and is used by tens of thousands of students from over 150 countries.
Especially e-safe for young children
No personal data is collected. See our special child-privacy section.

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RoboMind is a sponsoring partner of Naace: the British association for everyone promoting learning with technology in a connected world.

We believe everybody should learn computational thinking. That is why RoboMind is a Program Partner of Samsung Smart Education Hubs. This initiative aims to support Dutch schools with teaching 21st Century Skills. Educational materials are provided for the Smart Classrooms, there will be trainings for Smart Teachers, and a Smart Sharing platform comes available to bundle experiences.

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