We believe Computational Thinking lays at the heart of modern society. It is the driving force behind automation and technology that helps us overcome challenges in medical care, logistics and industry. As such, this 21st century skill should have the same status as mathematics and language education.

Computational Thinking essentially is learning how think in a structured and logical way, such that you can make a machine work for you.

The field of Computational Thinking needs to be standardized and made assessable. This will help to communicate progress of students objectively and internationally.

The best way to introduce these important skills is through a motivating learning environment and an international community.


RoboMind Academy is developed as a joined initiative between Jan van Oorschot, Ernst Bovenkamp, and Arvid Halma.

Arvid Halma, MSc

Arvid graduated with honor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. The way we think about machines has always intrigued him. He enjoys teaching fundamental knowledge to all age groups. Besides that mathematics, cooking and oil painting keep him busy.

Ernst Bovenkamp, PhD

Ernst is an Electrical Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. He worked on many engineering problems and hopes to inspire others to also consider a technical career. Otherwise he is known as a competitive triathlete.

Jan van Oorschot, PhD

Jan is a former Associate Professor from the Technical University Delft who specialises in computer networking and software development. Always interested in education he works on educational virtual worlds and community driven teaching environments. Woodworking and golf take up any free time.


Especially for young students, it is important that they can program in their own language. Thanks to the many translations provided to us by the following people, RoboMind understands a lot of languages:

Hend Al-Khalifa, Arnab Chakraborty, Anton Ouzounov, Roger Rué, Bodechang, Zdeněk Chalupský, Olivier Lemaitre, Hervé Briard, Michel Drolet-Gravel, Marcel Kirsch, Jörg Kokorsch, Panos Eracleous, Andreas Klein, Zsolt Magyari-Sáska, Mizwar Fahri Doni, Nicola Esposito, Junichi Ito, WonYoung Chang, Monika Grybel, Fabiane Barreto Vavassori Benitti, Alexander Bondarev, Matúš Pálfi, Zuzana Tkáčová, Miha Kočar, Rogelio Lavenant Jimenez, Maria Cruz Marcos Suárez, Adam Troy, Suwat Kanjanavathang, Kerim Kürşat Güney, Küçük Ahmet, Grygorij Gromko, Peter Bernat, Zoltán Varga.

Many thanks to all of you!


We work closely together with several primary and secondary schools to develop the curriculums. In cooperation with the Delft University of Technology we try to make RoboMind Academy the ultimate learning tool for Computational Thinking.

We believe everybody should learn computational thinking. That is why RoboMind is a Program Partner of Samsung Smart Education Hubs. This initiative aims to support Dutch schools with teaching 21st Century Skills. Educational materials are provided for the Smart Classrooms, there will be trainings for Smart Teachers, and a Smart Sharing platform comes available to bundle experiences.

In addition we are a sponsoring partner of Naace: the British association for everyone promoting learning with technology in a connected world.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.