Education Features of RoboMind Academy

RoboMind Academy is perfect for teaching about Programming, Computational Thinking, and other important 21st century skills. Here you can read why.


Effective learning and teaching
RoboMind has proven to be a very effective introduction to logic, robotics and computer science (or: computational thinking).
Easy to get started
Thanks to the latest technologies RoboMind Academy runs everywhere on virtually every device both at home and at school. Very convenient if you want to implement a flipped classroom.
Fun and engaging
Teachers from all over the world report that Robomind keeps students captivated for the whole duration of the course. The motivational world of robotics provides an engaging theme with clear goals.
Run programming competitions
The teacher module supports simultaneous playback of the solutions of the whole class. Winners automatically surface with a score for each student.
Provides flexibility to the teacher
Time-saving curriculum and self-paced courses with automatic validation and hints provide flexibility for 1-on-1 attention. The courses are self-contained so that the teacher can concentrate on mentoring the students.
Track progress of students in real-time
The real-time teacher dashboard shows progress of the whole class and shows who may perhaps need some extra attention.
Supports general curriculum standards in many countries
Lessons are designed to support and enhance a variety of standards. For example:
US CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards, AP Comp Sci, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and STEM education.
UK Computing programmes of study: keys stage level 1 to 3
NL Ready for Computer Literacy and Technology Education, SLO (4,23,24,44,45), NLT (A,B,E,F)

Key features

Effective and motivating
RoboMind has proven to be an effective and motivating introduction to Computer Science and is used in more than 150 countries.
Simple to use, empowers teachers
Our educator-friendly platform includes everything you need to get your class up and running in minutes. No need for prior knowledge in the field. No need for extra courses or books.
Direct visual feedback
Create real programs and see the results immediately! This way you can incrementally improve your solution until Robo does what you want. Debugging was never easier.
Get a birds eye view of the entire classroom in real-time
The real-time teacher dashboard shows progress of the whole classroom and easily indentifies who may perhaps need some extra attention. It gives insight into both the classroom and the details for each student.
Attractive learning environment, engaging, fun to do!
Our own experience and that of teachers all over the world learns that Robomind Academy will keep students captivated for the whole duration of the course.
Trusted by hundreds of schools
Every month RoboMind is used by tens of thousands of students from over 150 countries.
Especially e-safe for young children
No personal data is collected. No advertisements. See our special child-privacy paragraph for more details.
Personalisation, differentiation, and talent development
Students can work at their own pace with additional challenges for the best. Let students create more efficient and/or faster solutions. Learn from each other by viewing them with the whole class on the smartboard.


Prepares for the digital age
Knowledge of programming and Computational Thinking in general are the new literacy and core critical thinking skills that young people need to be successful – in computing or any field – in the 21st Century.
Introduce relevant applications
Too many programming introductions use abstract and useless examples. We always connect challenges with concrete challenges so that it immediately becomes clear what the relevance of the exercises is with respect to the real world.
Focus on problem solving, not syntax.
A much simplified programming language was developed. This allows students to apply their algorithmic thinking to problem solving without using lots of time on non-essential details.
Clearly defined teaching goals
Students are guided through the courses and receive a programming certificate upon successful completion. Each certificate makes explicit what skills have been acquired during the course.
Diploma, certificate
Since your solutions are automatically validated, we can celebrate your achievements with an official Computational Thinking diploma for each level you reach. Compete with fellow students to be the fastest, the smartest or maybe the funniest.
Find out more about the mapping of RoboMind Academy to national curriculums over here


Do the RoboMind courses with the whole class and engage all students with Computer Science for the price of only one Lego robot.
Complete courses with presentations, quizzes, and movies. Challenges with automatic validation and hints. No need for extra courses or books.
Progress at a glance
See student progress at a glance with the real-time teacher dashboard. Get a birds eye view of the entire classroom or look at each student's progress in detail. Empowers the teacher and allows for more focussed individual attention.
Start directly with the self-contained courses. Let students complete the lessons at their own speed so you will have more time for 1-on-1 attention.
No banners, no commercials
No advertisements are shown in the online environment, keeping it nice and tidy for teachers and students


Your solutions are saved on your account in the RoboMind Academy and available at school and at home - anywhere you have access to the Internet.
Nothing to install
If you and your students have a web browser and Internet connection, you're good to go! There's nothing to install or setup.
Work on a range of platforms
All course materials are web-based and can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smart boards. For example the Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows tablet or phone
Interactive materials on smartboards
All presentations and programming challenges are designed for use on a smartboard.
Works on desktops
Works on tablets
Works on phones