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The eLearning environment works in any modern browser (preferably Chrome or Safari). Courses are thus accessible anytime and anywhere. No installation needed.
The software and learning materials are available offline and need to be downloaded and installed locally.
Teacher materials are available in both online and offline form.
Tablets & Smart boards
All materials are optimized to work on touch devices (including iPad/Android tablets) and smart boards besides desktop computers.
The software is only available on desktop computers (Windows XP/7/8, Mac OS X 10.7+, Linux).
There are teacher materials available for both tablets and smart boards and desktop computers.
Validation & Guidance
A virtual mentor validates solutions, helps with problems and guides students through the courseware. Enables self-study, flipped classroom concepts and working at your own pace.
The offline programming exercises are not automatically validated. The teacher needs to guide the students.
In the eLearning environment the teacher has a progress overview and insight into the student solutions. For the offline courses only hints are available.
Computational Thinking diplomas
All solutions are automatically validated. A student cannot progress before mandatory exercises have been finished. When a course has been completed successfully the student can therefore be rewarded with a validated Computational Thinking diploma.
The exercises in the offline programming environment are not automatically validated. The teacher needs to check the results and determine if the course has been passed successfully.
In the online environment the teacher has an overview of the diplomas earned by the students. To establish progress of students in the offline environment, all solutions by all students need to be checked by hand by the teacher.
Licensed per computer
Student accounts are individual so their personal achievements can be stored. Each student that uses the academy needs a license.
A license is acquired for a computer. The software and exercises can be used by anyone with access to that computer. Every computer needs its own RoboMind Desktop license.
Teacher accounts are individual, but there is no limit on the number of students a teacher can have. A teacher has access to all online and offline materials. Offline course materials can be downloaded and distributed to the students.
Create own maps
You can use over 100 maps in the online academy for your own creative use. Adding new maps by yourself is not possible.
With the intuitive online map editor you can create map files that can be used in the RoboMind Desktop software.
A teacher can use both the online maps and create new maps with the map editor for offline use.
Export to Lego NXT
There is no facility in the online environment to export scripts to Lego NXT robots.
Scripts which are running in the virtual RoboMind world can also easily be exported to a Lego NXT robot (Windows only, for now).
A teacher has access to the desktop software and can therefore export scripts to the Lego NXT robot.
Track progress of students
Solutions made by students can only be accessed by their teacher.
The teacher does not have direct access to the solutions of the students.
Shows the progress and diplomas of students in a convenient overview. Gives insight into the individual student and his or her solutions with playback possibility. Empowers the teacher and saves time for more focussed 1-on-1 attention.
Answer book
Answers to the programming challenges are only available to teachers.
Answers to the programming challenges are only available to teachers.
The teacher has access to all answers and explanations with all challenges, both online and offline. The online environment also supports easy and direct playback of answers in the browser.
Run competitions
Only teachers can run multiple robot scripts by their students simultaneously and next to each other.
This feature is not available for the desktop software.
Run scripts of your students simultaneously and next to each other. See which program performs best. Results in a score and ranking for each student. Motivates students and enables comparison of solutions to learn from each other. This can also be used as an exam facility.
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