Advanced 1 Course

General info

Age group12 years or older
PrerequisitesRoboMind CT Basics-2 level
MaterialsPresentations and interactive challenges
DurationComplete lessons which take about 1.0-1.5 hours each, but can be done at own pace, of course.
CT goal levelThe Advanced 1 level will be reached after successful completion of all lessons in the course


The aim is to gain deeper insight into programming concepts like line following and maze solving tasks.

General structure of the lessons

Every lesson starts with a presentation to introduce new concepts and/or repeat previously acquired knowledge to prepare student for the exercises that follow. Students will work for themselves and will be asked to let Robo do tasks as set out in the exercises.

It is important to let the students solve the problems mostly by themselves. Robo is a virtual robot, so you can try as often as you want, and you can never do wrong. In addition, if a solution is not quite correct, automatic hints are generated to help the student improve their program. This way basically every problem can be solved eventually by everyone. This part takes about 45 minutes.

The more exercises a student finishes, the better. However, it does not matter for the series of lessons if not all exercises have been completed. However, all compulsory exercises should be finished in order to receive a diploma at the end of this course. For quick learners, we provide additional exercises toward the end of the programming activity, such that they do not get bored. In addition there is the 'Community Challenges' track with free exercises.

Content of the lessons

Lesson Content
Line Following Make increasingly more difficult line follower programs.
Maze Running Create increasingly more difficult maze runners. (upcoming)
Robotic Sheep Dog Let Robo guard the sheep. (upcoming)
Robot Training Partner Let Robo be your training partner to do all sorts of drills. (upcoming)


This course is derived from previous materials by Freshbrain / Hill Air Force Base. Thank you!