Competition Challenges

General info

Age groupFor everyone, but best for students aged 9 years or older
PrerequisitesBasic computer skills, simple text editing
CT levelThe Computational Thinking Basics - 1 level is assumed
MaterialsAn interactive challenge with some hints for support
FrequencyOne new challenge every month

How does it work?

These challenges were used in competitions in the past. You can see the scores of the best 4 solutions. We challenge you to come up with a solution which scores even better :-)

If you want to do these challenges, you only need a valid RoboMind Academy account. Such an account is free for everyone and is needed to store your solutions.

Once you are signed on you can do any of these challenges. Carefully read the description of the challenge and start coding! Every time you come up with a valid solution you can see your score under the "statistics" button. Depending on the challenge either a higher of lower score is better.

An example of the calculation of your score is:
score = (number of beacons eaten x 10) - number of steps