Education Overview

RoboMind Academy trains Computational Thinking:
an essential 21st century skill.

By programming a virtual robot anyone can learn
about logic, automation and technology.

Logical thinking is directly connected to
solving real world challenges.

  • This online platform gets you started with programming right away at home or at school.
  • The interactive challenges guide students and teachers through the courses.
  • A virtual mentor validates solutions, helps with problems and guides students through the courseware.
  • Students can earn validated Computational Thinking diplomas.
  • RoboMind has proven to be an effective and motivating introduction and is used all over the world.
  • Everything is included to get your class up and running in minutes. No need for prior knowledge in the field. No need for extra courses or books.
  • Teacher support with real-time dashboard to monitor progress of the class and see who may perhaps need some extra attention.
  • Competition screen to run programming contests with the whole class or school.

The beauty of RoboMind is the compactness of the application so students can apply their algorithmic thinking to problem solving without using large amounts of time on unimportant details.

Primary education

Teach pupils from age 8 about the way machines think. No prior knowledge is needed as RoboMind Academy offers a first introduction to automation and programming without prerequisites.

Secondary education

Learn how to program a robot and get introduced to logic, computer science and artificial intelligence. Find out what RoboMind offers for secondary/high schools and how you may implement your own lessons..

Home schooling

Train computational thinking at home with self-contained courses. A virtual mentor checks solutions and gives hints to help you on your way. Earn your own validated Computational Thinking diplomas at home.

Gifted students

In the online academy students can work their way through the challenges at their own pace. When instructing an autonomous robot, you can use all your creativity in finding solutions.


Read about the most important features of the RoboMind Academy and learn why it is the perfect tool for teaching about Programming, Computational Thinking, and other important 21st century skills.


Governments and organizations around the world think that knowledge about automation and computation should be taught in school. See how the RoboMind Academy maps to standards such as set forth in the UK, US, and the Netherlands.

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is an essential 21st century skill, that trains logical and structured thinking. This is needed to understand and be creative in a world that is automated more and more.